our summer bucket list // 2012

   thank you ashley for clueing me into this fabulous idea of creating a summer bucket list!  i am such a list person, so this idea got me all giddy!  this summer will be baby girl's first summer where she won't be swaddled in the air conditioning 24/7, so it should be a fun one indeed!  each day will be full of new adventures since this summer season will mark many firsts for miss stella vivienne!  here are all of the exciting things we look forward to doing as a family this summer.

1. blow bubbles with baby girl
3. learn how to can food, i'm thinkin' pickled peppers!
5. go to the pool 
6. stay up really late playing board games on the patio with husband by candlelight
8. visit green dirt farm and see how to make goat cheese
12. sort through baby girl’s baby clothes from her first year
13. fly a kite
15. spend the entire day in our swimsuits
16. go to an outdoor concert
17. try five new local kansas city restaurants
19. visit the new aquarium
20. bastille day fun! 
21. picnic in the rose garden
22. roast a marshmallow, or five
23. catch a firefly
24. dig our toes in the sand
25. make a pie...it would be my first!
27. read ten new books
29. ride our retro scooter around kansas city
30. go to a first friday downtown kc
31. make an art gallery in our home for miss stella's work
32. get to ikea for some new decor
34. sew something for stella
35. surprise dada at work {a few times}
37. fresh flowers every week
38. eat dinner under the stars or on the patio
39. have pancakes for dinner
40. play with a sparkler
41. go on a bike ride 
42. make a home for a new bug friend
45. get some plants
46. have a classic movie marathon on a rainy day
48. paint baby girl’s piggies
49. get husband a random "because it’s wednesday" gift
50. visit nana and papa in des moines for a fun afternoon

Little Wonders' Days

join the party and have fun making your own!


  1. Oh, if only we lived closer! Sweet summertime!

    P.S. Where are you and Andrew going? We need to be booking our anniversary trip and CANNOT make up our minds! Beach or big city...beach or big city?

    Have a good one, mama!


    1. I know right! I picture us in your backyard with a blow-up pool for the kiddos and a cocktail for the mamas :) We are going to Mexico...not sure where or when, but we need some sun and sand {and all inclusive}. It will be a vacation for just us, so I think it will be a resort or something. How about you??? Man, NYC just looks to tempting, too!

      xo, Amanda

  2. What a great idea, I'm going to have to make a summer bucket list now because there is SO many things I want to do this summer! I always get working and forget that it's coming and will be here before we know it. Thanks girl! ;)


    1. thanks, girl!! glad i could offer some summer inspiration! i am excited to see what ends up on your list!

      xo, amanda

  3. I absolutely love writing lists as well! So this is just the best idea of my Wednesday. :)

  4. oh gosh, all of these sound so magical! i'm sure this summer will just be perfect!!
    flying a kite is definitely on my list of things to do. love!
    xo TJ

  5. Love the idea of a summer bucket list! Love the 'roast a marshmallow, or 5' one! Ha!

    1. thanks girl! now we just need a place to roast them!! i'm not thinking over a candle will work....


      xo, amanda

  6. This is just adorable!! LOVING #23- catch a firefly... That just made me very excited for summertime! :) Happy Wednesday!

    1. thank you emily! we are excited over here too :) bring on the fireflies!

      xo, amanda

  7. Regarding #42...are you open to the 8 legged variety? tee hee hee. What a bucket list~but so doable!

    1. mah!! i was thinking like a caterpiller or butterfly! NO SPIDERS.


      xo, dolly

  8. i'm loving this! so many bloggers have been posting their summer to do lists & it's been making me itch to get started on one! although i've got a hard time staying grounded & realistic about things, so it usually ends up being far more spendy than i could possibly afford. oh, dreams. but i love that yours centers around your baby so much! i think that's just the sweetest. and i need to probably have "go to the zoo less" on my list because it's kind of become our go-to...we're zoo members so it's already a sunken cost, and it's so fun to just wander around the zoo with a root beer float & visit our favorite animals. it's just become too comfortable though, i think. xo.

    1. thank you bridget! you should start one! i made a list of all of the free things we should do this summer and added them to the list, like parks, bubbles, and visiting dada :) we always spend SO much money in the summertime since i am a teacher and off work. travel and eating out adds up like no other! it is our goal to spend less this summer doing fun freebies. a root-beer float would be a perfect addition to any summer bucket list. great idea!

      xo, amanda

  9. What a great summer bucket list! It sounds like you guys are going to have a great 1st summer together! Enjoy and thanks for linking up to the party!

    1. well i should be the one thanking you forthis wonderful idea! i have never made one before and am so excited about it :)

      xo, amanda

  10. You're such a cute and sympathetic little family! :)

  11. Totally doing this! woot woot! Thanks for sharing, summer is going to be such fun :)

  12. wow, just found you through the bucket list party and realized you're local! I have the crown center fountains on my list too!

  13. Great idea! I should make a New York bucket list, or a summer one. Lots of fun things. We're really excited for when we can take my niece Hadley to the zoo as well.

  14. Love your list! Especially like you "because it's Wednesday" idea for your husband!
    Happy Summer!

  15. You have some wonderful ideas for your Summer Bucket List! Your little one will love them all!

  16. I also have a summer bucket list with linky, feel free to drop by and add your post!


    Have a Great Summer :)

  17. Your list is awesome and it's going to be the best summer ever!

  18. What a great list! Super inspiring. Come on by and see what is on our list!

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