dada's day

i love to watch them.  picture this:  me {every night} sitting in the corner of the room soaking it all in, watching him be so gentle with her, making her giggle, with this giddy grin on my face.  the connection these two have is beyond words.  it cannot help but make me fall completely, head-over-heels, in more love with this man.  i love him.  

and i love that the things he and stella do together are such "daddy" things.  things that me, a mama, could never do just right or even get away with.  but that's the way it should be.  

baby girl, i want you to know some of these things that your proud dada does with you that makes him so special and your mama feel forever blessed.

- your dada always checks on you before we head to bed and most times comes back telling me, "you just have to go look at her.  she is so beautiful." he insists we go in and stare at you for a few minutes. we always do.  
- your dada styles your hair in a spiked euro-mullet after every. single. bath.  without fail. we have pictures to document this. 
- your dada gets up with you in the mornings on the weekend and lets mama sleep in after he has worked a long and hard week.  he is so selfless. 
- your dada almost always dresses you in thee only outfit i did not want you to wear that day.  complete with wet hair and a hair bow.  and usually, but not always, whatever you are wearing is too small because he does not want you to wear size 18 months yet.  
- your dada takes you for long walks with leon so mama can cook and have some quiet time.
- your dada ballroom dances with you around our condo.  you always through your head back and laugh uncontrollably as he sings, "la la la la laaaaaa!" 
- your dada has so many little nick-names for you that you respond to.  they are always random and quite adorable.  he calls you "bonkers" about 100 times a day.  i told you they were random. ;)
- your dada has a way of making you forget about everything else when he comes home.  i become an afterthought and your beautiful eyes light up when he comes in to give you a big squeeze!
- your dada is so much better than me when it comes to putting you to sleep.  you prefer him to do it, actually.  it has become part of both of your routines, one that i don't think he will ever want to stop. 
- your dada lets you, and only you, mess up his hair.  we all know how much the man loves his hair... 
- your dada always reads the title, author, AND illustrator when reading you books at night.  i don't know why he does it, but it's so cute!  i love all those cute little things he does. 

these two.  they are my people.  and i love them.  

also, happy father's day to my own wonderful father and father-in-law.  andrew and i look up to both of you and admire each respectively in so many ways.  we hope you have a special day and we are sending hugs your way!

xo, amanda

here is a video stella and i made for our main man as part of his father's day gift.  he is the love of both of our lives and makes us the happiest gals in all the land.   




  1. BEAUTIFUL pos.t. How darling are your photo's.. LOVE it..(I have a father's day linky happening that I'd LOVE for you to share your post along pweease.. ) Lovely blog!! Stopping in via Thee Networking Blog Hop.. Officially following your inspirational and sweet blog here today.. Hope you can stop in and pay mine a visit.. Wishing you a beautiful Sunday.. xo ~ Marilyn (co-host) - http://www.theartsygirlconnection.com Excited to indulge more around here..;))

  2. so cute! my goodness. there are so many things on that list that william does for wyatt as well - seriously, how lucky are we?

  3. Verrrry sweet! I love this!! Dad's are simply the best! Newest follower from the hop!

  4. What absolutely lovely photos, and that video is super cute.

  5. This is so sweet. My day has just been filled with sweetness.

    In response to your comment on my blog: What I wrote isn't even half of it. I feel like I couldn't put what I felt into words. It was like he has known me my entire life. We parted ways today. He's going back to Eureka, Missouri (near you!) and I'm staying in DC. I wrote about it in an update. Honestly, I''m pretty heartbroken. I cried for a long time after we said goodbye. But I am so thankful to have met him and had an amazing 24 hours with him. No we didn't kiss or anything, but he made me feel like I was worth getting to know and worth spending time with. And that is priceless.

  6. Oh what an adorably sweet post!! Sounds like they have such a blessed relationship!