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you probably saw this chipotle commercial a few months ago during the super bowl, but i had to share it with you all again as it had such a beautiful impact on me then, and continues to have now. 

andrew and i are huge coldplay fans and love their original song, "the scientist," and we also happen to be obsessed with chipotle.  needless to say, when we heard this we were pretty stoked.  if you have never tried their barbacoa, you need to.  it's heavenly.  

...then good ol' willie came along and just took this song to another level with this touching video put out by chipotle about sustainable farming practises and how to cultivate a better world through better farmer-animal relationships.  now you must know there is no soap box in sight, nor do i have the urge to get into the ethics of food consumption, i just know that this video made me shed a tear or two and reminded me of home, which is iowa, and my grandpa, a former farmer who cared about his animals. 

i hope you enjoy is as much a i do, and happy weekend, too!


  1. Love this. But, I am also a huge fan of Coldplay....so it's really cool to hear their song covered for this! :)

  2. I too loved this commercial. We got to STUDY it in my English class. It was grand. That's awesome your grandpa was a farmer. My dad is an engineer but I secretly wish he was a farmer, or at least knew how to grow Something!