river market lovin'

this morning started out, errrr, slow.  it was one full of snuggles, magazine reading, blueberry tea, and laying around in my jammies trying to take care of myself while andrew, bless his heart, was up at the crack of dawn taking care of our poor baby girl who has hives just about all over.  she is at the tail-end of her icky virus, but still as happy as a clam, and as for me, i believe i'm at the start.  :(  

i woke up with what felt like golf balls in my neck and under my armpits {over share?} and an extreme inability to even lift my tea mug without wincing out of weakness.  so since we are not feeling too hot over here, we decided to escape our cozy cave for a few hours on what was a gorgeous saturday morning and head down to the river market for some spring flowers, sunshine, and french macaroons of course, all in hopes to lift our spirits.  remember when we went a few months ago?  well, this time it was packed and full of beautiful local produce.  our little outing did indeed make me feel better, and as for miss stella, she could not keep from grinning we shared some delightful pastries at bloom bakery by the pineapple stand and walked up and down the market looking at herbs to plant on our balcony garden.  we ended up going with thai basil and lemon-mint!

it was a {very} short excursion but so worth it.  depending on how we feel tomorrow, we just might have to go back for seconds! 


we hope you are enjoying your weekend.  
now for some more napping and movies...


  1. Plant your mint in a pot! If you put it in the ground it will take over your whole garden and, eventually, yard. The only way to get rid of mint is to move ;)

  2. what a gorgeous market! sorry to hear you are feeling well. hopefully you'll feel better soon!

  3. Love those pictures - looks like so much fun! You have such a beautiful fam!

  4. I really love your outfit in these pictures! Also, I'm a huge fan of the Anthropologie mugs - I have a few of them myself.