sunday funday

it's january 15th, 57 degrees, in the midwest. is this real life? let our sunday funday begin!

off to the city market we go!

she loves, loves, loves looking at trees. so perfect.

the spice man gave stella a cinnamon stick to suck on, what a treat!

we walked away with lots of fruit and yummy spices to make curry and soup. we also worked up quite an appetite.

trying tzatziki for the first time at jerusalem cafe in westport.

our little lady wanted to match her daddy. i love the bunker.

food trucks = heaven

i said...don't set in the chair!

the cowtown mallroom is one of kansas city's little gems. head to 31st and gillham on sunday between 11-4. we scored some goodies this afternoon. i made out with two frosted pink pyrex bowls and a giant retro cafe thermos for $15, andrew thrifted a yves saint laurent tie and cuff links for $7 (whoa), and stella added to her library with some pretty awesome reads for $2. yep, we did well.


  1. One of those pink bowls is for me right? Just kidding....but I LOVE them. Next time we are there for a long weekend I want to go to the Cowtown Mallroom! Love the pictures!

  2. come visit and we will find you some :)