first ever blog award!

i am giddy with excitement because i was nominated for my first ever blog award!  a big hug and even bigger thank you to miss ashlea!  talk about a pick-me-up!  you should head here and check out her little family, they are so precious.

pop on over to these lovely ladies blogs and become followers!  for those nominated go here to find out what to do.

five random facts about me:

1. if i wasn't a middle school teacher, i'd love to be a cook, or play bass in an all woman rock band. {you should see my air guitar, people!}
2. i have an obsession with leather-bound planners and making lists with little boxes to check off.  now whether i get to this list is another thing...
3. i adore very strong foods/beverage, like stinky cheese and french roast coffee.
4. i hate cars but love driving fast.  and wish i could walk or bike everywhere, most preferably, this one.
5. i buy my wine based on the prettiness of the label alone.

thank you again awesome readers for nominating me:)


  1. Hahahaaha I love number 5!! I do the same thing.

  2. oh I am such a big believer in planners/lists! those little checkmarks make me feel so good inside:-) xoxo

    1. i just visited your blog and love it!!! your son is too cute for words. i'm your newest follower, mama! thanks for visiting.

      ox, amanda

  3. congratulations! i also would buy wine based on label alone. or cute/funny name. :)

    1. thank you! and as for wine...sometimes it's ALL about the label. we are such silly girls :)

  4. Thank you so much for the award - you're awesome! And I loved your list as well :)


  5. Yay! Thanks for the award, mama! If only I lived in KC... we could grow herbs and drink wine and play with our little sprites all day long :)


    Jorgensen Better Together

    1. you're welcome! wouldn't that be wonderful!? have a happy rest of your weekend :)

      ox, Amanda

  6. This was funny to read, because I buy a LOT OF THINGS only because I think the label is nice:-D Although I'm a psychology student and know exactly how these things work:-D

    If you have time...



  7. Stopping by from the ubp 2012! You have a beautiful family! I'm also a middle school teacher! I'm your newest follower :)