signs of spring

the weather yesterday was quite ridiculous.  on a daily basis us kansas citians have to say good bye to any form of consistency and hello to a morning of sun, followed by a day with unfamiliar white stuff floating around, followed by an evening of more sun.  it's sort of twilight zone-shish don't cha think?  i suppose that’s what we get for living the midwest.  but let’s rewind to the past few days, say wednesday and thursday, where the sun and warm weather was upon us, shall we!  

earlier this week i was more eager than usual to get home from work.  the unseasonably warm weather had everything to do with this.  as soon as stella and i walked through the door, we fed mr. leon and all went for a walk to the park and all through the plaza.  miss stella seriously adores the outdoors, and as her chauffeur, i seriously adore watching her soak it all in.  i think it’s the tall oak trees looming overhead in the park she favors most on our strolls.  there is nothing more fantastic than seeing your baby happy as a clam. 

on our recent walks stella, leon and i noticed...

people on their balcony checking out the plaza scene as they drank a glass of wine {i soon became one of those people}, the mouth-watering smell of grills being turned on for the first time this year, garden flowers in full bloom, people decked out in spandex workout gear racing around the walking trail, music blaring out of sun roofs, people dining outside at cafes, dogs {everywhere!}, oh, and a man playing circus/doing magic in the middle of the park! 

oh, hey foot! 

the circus man. {yes, we need rain}

 i love the plaza's spanish style architecture.  

these walks with stella and leon are a wonderful reminder that spring is most definitely around the corner.  

eeeek...i’m so excited!  

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