more family fun

we are so very lucky because andrew, stella and i got to have more, yes more, wonderful family come visit us this weekend!  my mom, dad, and brother shane came down to see miss stella vivienne, well, and i suppose it didn't hurt that andrew and i were here too :)  it's been a few months since my dad and brother have gotten to see her, so they were quite surprised at all the fun things she is able to do at 9 months old.  overall, we had a very relaxing weekend just hanging out around the apartment playing lots of board games, a little shopping, and eating doughnuts and good german food.  

check out out photos from our time together...

we started out our weekend right with a yummy bruch, 
brought to you by krispy kreme and shatto chocolate milk.

baby girl got some new kicks and a summer scarf. 
such a little show off ;)

we had an amazing dinner at grĂ¼nauer, a tasty german restaurant located in the fright house barn in the middle of the crossroad arts district down town kc.  i love the cobblestones streets and wooden earthy exterior of this place, but more so, i'm obsessed with their homemade sausages and red cabbage.  all five of us had sausages for dinner.  all said and done, we consumed like 13 or something in one hour.  if you venture to this area, i recommend you go when it is nice enough outside to sit in their beer garden {patio} and enjoy the berliner {german curry wurst} and a big pint of weihenstephaner hefe wiess.  it's divine and always tastes like more. 

{those tippy toes just make mama's heart melt}

a certain someone got spoiled with lots and lots of lovin...

and then there was wine-opoly which lasted almost 4 hours {i feel asleep after i bought out pino noir} and clue, which i love, and won.  great success! 

come back and visit us real soon now, ya hear!  

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  1. I love the picture of you feeding her. You look so great!