holiday traditions

holiday traditions.  to me, they are the meat and potatoes of what the holidays are about.  their weight gives meaning to that fancy day on the calendar emphatically marked "holiday" and are what make you decide to travel through snow and sleet and sludge with little babies crying in the back seat.  all for the love of beloved traditions.  

even the silly ones.  like putting on skits at grandma's house on christmas eve when everyone in the room takes on a character from the nativity.  that donkey even gets a part in the show.  or serious ones, like the beautiful and ritualistic christmas mass before dinner.  the lighting of candles and the saying of prayers.  and then ones that fall somewhere in between, like hot coca on the crispness of christmas morning and a the shopping for a new ornament each year.  let's chat about the latter.  

a few years back during my transition to adulthood whereupon i moved away to college my ornaments went missing.  alas!  a real tragedy.  my parents swore up and down that i must had accidentally threw them out in the heat of ridding my life of childish things somewhere down the line.  but oh no!  i could never.  and then one day, one wondrous day, they turned up all contained in a box and were re-gifted to me by my beaming folks, who knew very well that their daughter missed these ornaments of hers rather dearly.  upon seeing remnants of my past all nestled amongst tissue paper i carefully lifted open the brown cardboard fold.  i recall feeling warm and fuzzy with all sorts of giddiness washing over me.  these little darlings were my memories, my very own time capsules only to be taken out and treasured for one month of the year.  their specialness is quite hard to put into words but the word bliss comes pretty darn close.

currently adorned with my twenty six ornaments from cheery christmases past, our tree looks faintly akin to the one i grew up with, colored lights and all.  most of the ornaments on it belong to myself and remind me of the holidays at home with family in iowa, but peppered throughout are new ones, beautiful ones that equally hold sentiment and charm.  precisely three for stella and one for theo bear.  andrew has quite a few too from his days as a youngster, that i cannot deny.  so our tree and our stockings, both new and old, echo past memories of happiness and joy, while resounding festive new ones, too.  

*you can find theodore's red knit stocking here, stella's grey knit stocking here, and our holiday 2013 ornaments here


  1. That's so cute!

    What camera settings do you use? Your pictures have that perfect kind of softness.

  2. Beautifully written, as always! We're picking up our tree this week and my littles are practically bursting with excitement - (and who am I kidding, so am I). It's truly the loveliest time of year! Also, I'd just like to say that your blog has quickly become one of my favorites!! Keep up the great job!