a recipe // balsamic beet salad with goat cheese and walnuts

i am a sucker for a quick and delicious salad.  especially one that you can assemble with both a baby bouncing on your hip and a no-nap toddler playing ring around mama's legs.  and if said salad has a beet or two on it, well call me a smitten kitten.  i never met a beet i didn't like.   

this particular salad is one that my good friend brought to our last dinner party.  i had been on a self-proclaimed salad rut for far too long and she brought me and my arugula-loving self back to life.  since having this tasty dish a few weeks back, i've made it nearly a dozen times.  the prep can be made on a lazy sunday afternoon, taking you about the same time for your tea to whistle.  you can easily enjoy this salad on a whim throughout the hectic work week or when your beet craving starts to bud.  which is always. 


1 can of beets sliced
1 red onion sliced
about 2 tablespoons of olive oil
about 2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar
a pinch of salt & pepper
goat cheese
candies walnuts (trader joe's, folks!)

to prepare the caramelized red onions, put them in a pot and drizzle a happy helping of olive oil on top.  while the heat is on medium, sir them often until they become translucent.  then add two generous swirls of your favorite balsamic vinegar and add the beets which you have drained and sliced.  turn the heat on low and let them simmer together for as long as you like.  don't forget to salt them.

now for the salad.  on a bed of peppery arugula, artfully place your onion beet deliciousness, goat cheese, and candied walnuts.  there is no need for dressing since the balsamic has now reduced and make a pretty yummy coating on the veggies.  

*a word on canned beets.  believe it or not, canned beets are the way to go.  you can go ahead and roast them and peel them and turn your hands a lovely shade of magenta, but i assure you, canned beets are a delight despite the scary unappetizing photo from the 80's pressed on the label.


  1. This looks amazing! The recipe is going on my meal plan for next week!

    1. i just had it again for lunch!! so so good. :)

      xx, amanda

  2. I have a question that has absolutely no correlation to this delicious salad but has been itching at me to ask for ages. Where did you come up with Stella and Theo's names? I can't help but love them!!!

  3. There is nothing better than the combination of goat cheese and beets this time of year!