"we can only be said to be alive in 
those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures" - thornton wilder

to give thanks for this precious life of ours with dear friends is a truly worthwhile endeavor.  to gather and share and grow whilst surround by the dim glow of candles is the essence of life and what every friendship, new or old, could use.  

it is about spending the better part of a morning and afternoon in cozy house slippers preparing a meal so lovingly for sweet souls for whom you are certain will savor thoughtfully while not so silently humming an "mmmm" at the first bite of that beautifully roasted bird.  

frankly, it's not really about the food, but boy is it superb and satisfying.  what it is really about is the coming together to count one's blessings and for having such a beautiful, beautiful friendship.  it is about growing in togetherness and feeling it swell by means of storytelling and laughter.  though mouth watering, the meal becomes a backdrop for the foraging of a deeper connection as dishes are passed and babies are rocked and wine is poured.  such intimacy.  such communion.

i am not sure why we don't have more friendsgivings sprinkled throughout the year because they are glorious in every sense of the word.  what a way to spend a chilly november evening...breaking bread with ones you love, saying a bit of grace, and nibbling nibbling nibbling for the purpose of giving thanks.  how lovely you are, friendsgiving. 


  1. Your writing is so beautiful. I feel like I can smell the turkey all the way from Seattle! Your blog posts are touching, keep them coming! :)

  2. You're so right, it's not really about the food, it's the togetherness. Lovely post, happy thanksgiving!

  3. We had our Friendsgiving this weekend too! It is so nice to spend an evening with a few friends:)
    Leah Faye
    a clover & a bee

  4. I just found your blog and I love it and am now reading it from start to finish over my morning coffee/evening tea. Your photos & writing are beautiful. I would love to know how you edit your photos to have that soft, vintage-y look. I'm in love! -Your New Follower

  5. can't wait to have our own friendsgiving. we live with my parents right now, so it's been hard to do anything like this. stuff to look forward to and thankful we have my parents to live with while micah tours.

  6. I agree, we need to indulge in more Friendsgivings as well. Its always so lovely to enjoy the company of your friends over a home cooked meal and a bottle of wine. Happy late Thanksgiving!