off to the park!

it's 70 degrees and sunny here in kansas city and we are so, so excited!  to start our first day of spring break, miss stella and i went on an adventure to loose park.  with it being only about a five minute walk, it's safe to say that most definitely it will be our backyard this summer.  after working on some projects around the house, we packed up baby girl's quilt from her great-nana, a few fun toys, a snack for mama, and off we went!  we were not the only ones with the same idea, let me tell you.  it was packed with babies, nanas, doggies, papas, mamas, kiddos, dadas and duckies!  this was stella vivienne's very first time being able to sit up on her own and enjoy the breeze at the park.  she loved every second of it, and found the little boys flying kites to be very entertaining.  well, she loved everything except for the grass...it was sort of prickly, so she was not too keen on leaving her colorful quilt.  so, my baby girl and i stayed and played for a few hours until nap time started to draw near.   can every day be like this please?  next time, we hope dada can come too!  we hope you are enjoy the spring weather, too. :)

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  1. It is beautiful out there! I took Dora for a walk at Macken park today. I love this weather. Although I hope it doesn't mean that this summer will be miserably hot like last summer.