handmade // yellow painted table

the yellow fairy has came, yet again, and left us with a beautiful mustard entry table!  in all seriousness, i am so happy about how this painting project of mine has turned out.  

one fall day last year while living at our old loft downtown, i walked out into the alleyway to find this beaut just sitting there in between the dumpters.  for real.  i did a double take and ran back inside, yelling, "andrew, come quick!  we have to get this inside! hurry, i mean hurry, as in now!"  you really have no idea how fast things came and went in that alley.  it was sort of magical and mysterious all at the same time.  if you wanted something to disappear, put it in the alley.   within minutes it would vanish into thin air.  andrew and i were usually not the ones on the taking end from this place of unwanted treasures, but i am sure glad we did this time.  one reason i love thrifting and finding old goodies to decorate with is because of the story they tell.  on some level, i suppose this is the same reason i love europe so very much.  i love the fact that someone enjoyed it, and now it is our turn.  :)

this dinged-up and battered table did not have any color on it, so we painted it white to pop against our brick interior at the time.  the white just didn't quite fit in our new home, so i took inspiration from my beloved tea kettle and went with a warm yellow color to offset the grey wall and our white accent pieces.  

i spent yesterday morning giving this table lots and lots of love on our patio, with heavy sanding and three coats of paint.  thank you to baby stella, who was very patient watching mama, and to beirut, for your always lovely musical stylings.  isn't she gorgeous!?  yes, i have decided our table is a she, and a beautiful member of our furnishing family at that!   

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