sleeping beauty

i cannot quite put my finger on why i love baby girl's sleeping photos so much.   i just do.  she just looks so peaceful and and calm when she sleeps.  i also adore how she seems to stick out those little lips and diaper booty of hers extra far when in dreamland.  

one of my favorite things to do with stella is rock with her as she falls asleep in her nursery.  i can always tell that she is growing tired because her little hands start to make their way for my mouth.  yes, my mouth.  let me explain.  stella more than loves this little game we play where i rock her and she sticks her fingers in my mouth.  she laughs so hard when suck on her little fingers making the "mmmmm" sound.  she's usually exhausted, resulting in an extra giggly girl.  and if she is having her bottle while playing this game, eventually the giggles cause the milk she just drank to flow out of the sides of her mouth and into her adorable neck crevices.  :)  i don't remember when or how this little game of miss stella's all started, but it is our night-night routine.  just so you know...i don't really have a choice in playing, because sure enough, baby girl manages to tap on my lips quite persistently until we play.  oh, the things we do for our children.  as weird as it sounds, i love this game, but i'd be lying if i didn't think about how awkward this game would be, say, if she requests it in middle school...  

now back to miss stella sleeping.  i cannot tell you enough how i love watching those eyelids of hers blink slower and slower and slower, until finally, all i can see are her long eyelashes resting on her cheeks.  and if she couldn't get any cuter, this baby girl is a tummy sleeper {always with her hands up by her face} just like her mama.  

be still my beating heart...

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