a recipe // brie & honey

if you have not tried this combination of brie and honey before {with baked pita}, you are in for a mouth-watering surprise.  eating one bite of this will leave you feeling, like, whoa, i want that as my main course, not as my appeteaser {yes, it's such a tease} kind of dish.  or maybe that's just me.  

sometimes, andrew and i eat this for a quick snack, and other times, it consists of our entire meal.  it just depends on our moods.  i've also made this many times while entertaining and it always goes over great.  i always serve it with these trader joe's baked pita bites, but anything will do.  last night, this brie + honey gooey mess was my snack as i made supper.  shoot it was yummy! 

ingredients: triple cream brie cheese + honey + pita bites.

to make: warm up the brie in oven or microwave, but keep on eye on it...this stuff melts fast!  then add as much honey to your liking and any other toppings of your choice.  sometimes, i get a little crazy and add pistachios...that takes things to a whole other level.  

oh and if you haven't noticed i'm a big fan of honey.  i also love it on greek yogurt!

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