baby girl's first parade

to celebrate st. patty's day yesterday, andrew and i took baby girl to her very first parade downtown kc.  we walked from our apartment on the plaza to westport where we found a little patch of grass on the side of the road to take it all in.  we loved watching the sea of green surrounding us from every angle.  when the drill team drummers and step dancers came through, stella could not help but giggle and smile.  this was her favorite part.  does this mean my baby girl is going to be a dancer?  i sure hope so!  she found the beat and patted on daddy's shoulders.  by the way, kansas city sure has some rockstar dancers out there!  they could really break it down and it was so fun to watch.  

after watching, clapping, cheering, dancing, and soaking in the hot sun, baby girl got tired.  so she decided to take a nap during the middle of the parade.  this proves that baby girl can sleep though anything, including firetruck sirens and intense drumming!  

later on, we went back home to some devour some homemade corned beef and cabbage with an added treat of wonderful conversations with even more wonderful company.  andrew, stella, and i hope you had a great happy st. patty's day, too!    

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