dear stella // miss personality

"helping" mama fold laundry 

playing with buddha 

dear stella,

oh, baby girl!  or should i call you, miss personality?  you have been such a hoot lately making your mama and dada laugh so hard.  you have been showing off the many wonderful sides of your colorful personality and we cannot get enough!  your facial expressions are, how shall put it...priceless.  that tongue.  that smirk.  and that hair.  oh lord.  you are too funny.  

very recently, as in three days ago, you have been sticking that little tongue of yours out and to the side of your mouth {i think for teething purposes}.  it is gosh-darn adorable, little one!  remember this picture we took together?  we were being goofy that day and you followed me everywhere.  well, this tongue-to-the-side thing you do also results in excessive amounts of drooling, but whatever.  that's what shirts are for, right?  you are such an adorable and quirky combination of sweet and sass, baby girl, and we just adore that about you.

let's talk about that sass for a moment.  one thing you have not been a fan of recently is being taken out of the bath {your favorite place} and being changed into your jammies.  you usually scream very {deafeningly!} loud {with all of your wittle tiny teeth showing} and yell until we are done.  this takes awhile because you find a way to squirm and wiggle around, making your mama put on your pants while you are crawling away trying to escape the room.  sweet, sweet stella, you are one sassy pants, but your mama can't really complain because she was is that way too.  your nana can confirm.   

you are also quite the little sneak, baby girl!  just the other day i was in your changing area resupplying your diapers {while also having a minor freak out because you are now in a size 4, what's up with that?} and you came in oh so stealthily.  then, with an abrupt, "ahh!" you announced your presence right beneath my very two feet!  how did you get there without me noticing?  you are very good at maneuvering your way around without us knowing where you are.  such a clever little gal you are. 

well, your dada and i want you to keep on flashin' that cheesy smile and those kissy-face lips.  it always brightens up our day to see you happy and shows us how precious life really is.  you see the beauty in the little things, baby girl, and your actions are a constant reminder to us that we need to appreciate each and every day.  we love you very much, and are looking forward to seeing more and more of that truly awesome personality of yours.  

love, your mama

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  1. Yes, Nana can confirm this :) Reminds me of a line Dolly Parton had in the movie Joyful Noise..."God gave us daughters so our mothers could say I told you so!"