bittersweet moments then and now


stella vivienne is a whole ten months old today!  i cannot believe it.   i really can't.  that means in two months, just sixty days, our baby girl will be one year old.  where has the time gone and why did it have to go so fast?  i love looking through pictures of stella from months past.  it makes me happy to she where she was then and where she is now.  she has changed in so many beautiful ways, both in personality and appearance.  i look forward to watching our little gal grow older, when she will be able to do more things with her mama and dada and exercise that free-spirited independence of hers.  however, i must admit to you, there are things i already miss about our almost one year old baby girl from months past when she was a wee one.  ...like the times when she would curl up into a ball on my chest, and sleep there for hours.  ...or when she fit into her puj tub when taking a bath.  it's neat to look back and reminisce, but at the same time, look ahead and think about all we will get to experience together as a family.  moments like this are truly bittersweet.  happy ten months, stella bella.  we love you!


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  1. Happy 10 month birthday to the 2nd generation Babycakes :)