weekends are wonderful

here is our weekend described in vivacious verbs {and a few bits of alliteration because i simply can't help myself}:  

...baby girl bathing, hot pepper cocktailing, dinner partying, leon walking, park playing, french cooking, flower smelling,  sleepy snuggling, nana + papa ichatting, goofy giggling, fedora wearing, nursery playing, slobbery teething, outdoor patio dining, needed napping, and delightful dancing...  

yep.  that pretty much covers it.

2 shots pepper vodka
2 shots tomato juice
1 splash olive juice
1 splash of tobasco sauce
freshly ground pepper
salted rim
drink up

"hi nana & papa!"

i made boeuf bourguignon for our dinner party. 

those lips...

yep.  it's fedora wearin' time. 

leon cooling down on our walk sunday. 

mama & dada's brunch...

miss stella's brunch :)

tulips on the plaza are insanely gorgeous right now.

baby girl and her flower.

what a beautiful and relaxing past few days this has been.  i hope you enjoyed our little photo diary documenting our fun & good times :)

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