a tale of the little family at the park

once upon a time, there was a little family.  this family loved to frequent the park on warm spring days.  one sunday in march, they went on a walk to the park together.

on their way, they saw some beautiful flowers and bright blooming trees.  

the flowers were bright shades of red, magenta and white.  
they smelled nice, too. 

guess what?  there were geese at this park!  before feeding them, baby girl took a rest on the bench.  after all, it was a long walk that afternoon.  

mama helped baby girl feed the geese and pick apart the bread.  she was mesmerized by them, so she stayed very close to her mama.  

the bread fit nicely in baby girl's small little hand.

it looked yummy too, so baby girl tried to take a bite...

 ...but then got distracted by the duckies in the water.

dada stepped in to give mama a break, and together they feed the geese some more, taking turns quacking back and forth.

after feeding the geese, a nice man came along and took a few pictures of this little family, so they could remember their beautiful day at the park.

meanwhile, baby girl's puppa grew very hot and tired.  so did baby girl.  together, they found some shade under a cherry blossom tree.

dada surprised baby girl and handed her pretty yellow flowers.  

baby girl played with them and held onto them very tightly.

feeding the geese and playing with the yellow flowers made baby girl very happy.  so happy, that she grinned with excitement.

eventually, the little family went home, eager to settle down for a nap.  they had a lovely day at the park indeed!


  1. Stella is the most beautiful baby I've ever seen. And Leon is so adorable!
    You have a lovely family there. (knock on wood)
    Has anyone ever told you, you look like Kate Winslet? You do, especially in the first family picture!
    Keep writing & smiling and lot's of love. :)
    Being Vera Blog.

    1. Aww thanks girl!! My babes are my world. I have not gotten the Kate Winslet thing before, but man I'll take it!!! And thank you for your uplifting comment, so appreciated! You have no idea :) ox Amanda

  2. Just found you via Nat the Fat Rat!

    Your pictures are great! And more than your mom looks at your blog! Haha. I know the feeling.

    I love your recipes. I should probably use them and actually cook once in awhile!

    Beautiful little family you have!

    Along Abbey Road

    1. Hello! Thank you for your kind words, talk about a pick-me-up!! I'm sure you can relate to the feeling a newbie blogger has, feeling like you are writing only for yourself and few followers. In the end, I suppose it is more for me than anything.... Anyway, thank you mama. PS. I adore your photos :)