"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

stella: mama stella carrying her baby ruby.

theo: chubby wubby bunny.


  1. hehe his little face makes me giggle

  2. Nice ;),
    I follow you on instagram and I've just discovered your blog and your 52.
    It's funny to see how, all over the world we, mums are quite the same, looking on our children with that kindliness and how they can have the same kind of games, though with a different way of living...
    Our little Alice's 52 is here, http://lempimolotee.wix.com/daclinfamily?from_fb=1#!projet-52/cmfm
    I think it could be a great idea to have letters with you, exchange of recipe, game, books between Stella and Alice...
    Have a nice week-end and a good cocktail :p

  3. So so so so so so cute!!!xx

  4. I've just read one of your instagram quotes where you said Theo is 7 months!! 7?! How fast did that go!! It's funny becasue now my daughter is 2, time seems to be going really quite slowly, but between birth and 1 it just sort of flew by! xx

  5. Beautiful pictures wait to see more of them.