on being thankful

this is the quote i just put up on the chalkboard in our kitchen.  our summer is coming to an end, and we are ever so thankful.  emerson hit all of the high points here, but i would like to add a few of my own...

...i am thankful for babies sucking on strawberries,

and for yellow saltwaters paired with the perfect polka dot skirt,

and for a silly sweet heart wearing a swim diaper as a hat, 

and for this glorious wall of ours, 

and for aunties cowboy boots, 

and for afternoons spent reading with little fingers pointing at the pages, 

and lastly, for sharing smoothies with this precious little nugget of ours. 

what have you been thankful for as of late?


  1. 1 year old baby girls are sooo precious and cute! especually your little girl! I mean look at the diaper and the boots photo... <3

  2. Love the Strawberry picture, too cute.
    Def. grateful for just those lazy afternoons where you can look up at the clouds or a fun summer beach day, where you can just soak up the rays and the waves.

  3. oh, i love your polka dot skirt! Is it from Forever 21? If, I think I have the same one :)

  4. love salt water flats - I have them in red! love it.

  5. so cute! love the picture of her with the swim diaper on!!

  6. amen to being thankful! I think we so often lose site of what's important in life and we always want, want, want. Thanks for the reminder that we already have everything we need. Less is more :]

    molly at Urban Nester

  7. I'm so glad you had a great summer with Miss Stella. She is such a wonderful little lady, I can't wait to babysit her again. Thank you for reminding us to take the time and be thankful for all the small and special things in our lives. Cheers, to a great school year:)

  8. That cute strawberry face is to die for


  9. cutie pie! Oh goodness - my heart melts when i see photos of stella! xo.

  10. Those cowboy boots made me smile. I love your salt waters :)