iowa in the summer. have you been?

i can recall a time in my life when i did not appreciate this sweet little state called iowa.  everything else, on the other side of that fence, seemed better.  i had big eyes for NYC and LA and all those other cool acronym cities that i loved seeing in movies or on TV.  but only upon spending time away from this state have i been able to truly appreciate it's magic upon return.  

let me tell you a little about this little slice of heaven:

...tomatoes taste like real tomatoes there.  they are really, really red and just need a little salt and fresh cracked pepper to put you on cloud nine.
...old, splintered, ruby red barns make their home in backyards...and they're beautiful.
...it's not strange to run into someone you knew way, way back when so and so introduced you to that girl you met when...you get the idea...it's one small world indeed.
...grant wood paintings come to life as rows of green corn roll over the countryside, resembling that familiar and cozy patchwork quilt you used to snuggle up on the couch with at your grandmas house.
...people make pies there and they are absolutely dusted with sugar. 
...smiles are genuine and tractor rides are always on the menu.
...bob dylan and tom petty just sound better on that old radio amidst that country air. 
...scenes of an over-loaded clothes line bustling in the breeze can be found near highways, side roads, cul-de-sacs, farms, subdivisions, and you name it locations.

you see?  it's kind of wonderful, this little state.  have any of you been there, live there, or know someone from there?  if so, you know exactly what i'm talking about.  we will forever be smitten with iowa. :)

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  1. just moved from a KC, MO to Southern IA back in February & it's lovely! The heat stinks, but I love how much slow paced IA is compared to a big city!