a little splurge here and there

every now and then, i give in to something i have had my eye on.  at that point, i am fully aware that i am spending money on something that most definitely falls under the want category,  but sometimes, it's those little things that give us motivation to propel us forward.  they bring happiness to our lives and put a smile on our face.  

a few days ago i walked down to anthropologie and bought this capri blue candle.  not only have i had my eye on it for the past few years, i've had my nose on it as well.  every time i walk in the store i run over to smell it and seem to linger there for...too long.  

then i meander away rationalizing the price tag and the fact that one of those candles equates a pack of diapers for baby girl.  and so goes the rest of my shopping adventure.  

but not a few days ago.  i marched down to the plaza with the sole intent to buy that candle with no shame.  if someone were to ask, "why are you buying a $28 candle?!"  i reasoned with myself that i could say, "well, it's my early birthday present....er....to myself.."  

every now and then, little splurges are ok.  no, they are more than ok.  they are perfectly wonderful in moderation.  as soon as i got home i lit my new candle and soaked in the scent that tickles my happy button.  it was awesome you guys.  and every single time i light that expensive blue candle i cannot help but feel giddy all over with excitement and glee.  and a little rebellious, too.  

often times, i think to myself, "what a perfect time to light my candle."  and when i do, i feel like a rockstar.  some of you might think this whole thing sounds silly, but i, in fact, think it's pretty neat that one little item can bring me that much joy.

here are a few more little splurges that make me one happy camper:

- drinking whole coffee milk that comes in pricy but beautiful glass bottles 
- red and white striped paper straws
- soap purchasing based on irresistible packaging  
- upping a count on my sheets
- using heavy cream when making velveta mac n'cheese 
- using my "good" perfume on a special occasions
- opening up that expensive bottle of wine, just because 
- putting in an extra dryer sheet that smells like lavender
- a random macaron treat for myself when taking my babes for a walk on the plaza
- adding that extra shot of espresso to my morning brew
- ordering an extra side of guacamole at chipotle
- and finally, buying good shampoo {like, over 4 dollars, good} as opposed to our usual suave coconut breeze for $1.99.  

these little things make me happy.  what about you?  what little splurges do you make?


  1. I too l-o-v-e the Capri Blue candles; Aloha Orchid is def a fave along with Volcano. I always make sure I cut the wick back before I burn my candle so it lasts as loooong as possible. Another good one but more reasonably priced is the Fresh Lilac Natural Soy Candle from Target. It's in a silver tin with a purple label, around $11 and a go to for me when my Capri Blue candle is out and I don't want to spend the $30 for a new one right away. :)

  2. I will have to try the Target candle, too! I am such a sucker for lilac. Thanks for the candle tip, sweet friend!

    xo, Amanda

  3. These is an awesome post! I can feel what you try to imply here. Little things that you bought really do wonders, most especially if you like it a lot and you're looking up to it for a while.It changes your mood to something better, as if I can do a ton of laundry myself after a purchase!:)

    My little splurges that makes me happy:
    - starbucks italian/ verona coffee beans
    - muscovado sugar that has half the price to normal sugar price
    - spraying of perfume on a daily basis
    - a good shampoo and conditioner
    - long grain "dinorado" rice
    - Using of a pricey mug or tea cup whenever I drink one.
    - cooking while using beautiful kitchen accessories

  4. Ohh! Candles are a weakness of mine as well. I tend to associate memories with scents, so that feeds the obsession. I would most definitely say that coffee always lands on my list of splurges along with a good magazine. Those two things always make the day feel extra special. ;)

  5. LOVE Suave coconut! That's what I always use! Your splurges are pretty much mine - and that candle just looks cool - period. You needed it!

  6. mmmm that macaron seems so yum!

  7. Just found your blog through Peppermint Plum's side bar! LOVE it!!!
    Following along:)

  8. Oh...and love this post about little splurges :) Agree 100% on your whole list!

  9. Love this post :)

    Very much!

    Take care,


  10. these are the best kind of lists...i could read them for days!
    a few of mine this week are:
    -picking up some fresh raspberries at the store
    -getting a much-needed pedicure once in a while
    -using the nice dishes

  11. love this. little splurge are truly satisfying, especially when you've had your eye on something for so long :)
    right now, i'm loving:
    -the mini bagels i picked up at the store for morning breakfasts
    -a fun throw pillow for my new dorm room
    -the brownie i ate for dessert last night (it was amazing mmm)


  12. You nailed it with this one. I feel the same way! The over $4 shampoo, the soap based on packaging, the add shot in the latte. Love this post. It's nice to know that other's think the same. :) One of my splurges is anything J.R. Watkins- I find peace-of-mind that they're all natural products at least. :)