thank you dearest...

{in no particular order}

...thank you dearest dancing puppy toy for making stella wiggle, shake, and smile.  thanks to you, that girl can boogie!

...thank you dearest foam mattress pad on our bed for forming so snuggly around my sick body as I rest to get better. {best christmas gift to ourselves.  ever.}

...thank you dearest husband for cooking dinner for our family.  your homemade alfredo was sexy...errr...I mean delicious.  {you know how I feel about a man in the kitchen!}

...thank you dearest instagram for taking better pictures than my nikon.  i heart you.

...thank you dearest students for bearing with me today as I muffled and squeaked through my lessons plans.  the constant and uncontrollable shift between sounding like a young pubescent teen and an 80 year old chain smoker must have been, well, akward...  no?

...thank you dearest mama for watching baby girl this week, we are so lucky to have you here with us to spoil her rotten.    

...and again dearest mama for the cupcakes! i cannot decided between the lemon pudding or the nutella.  problem solved = i shall try both. 

...thank you dearest baby girl for waving at mama when she says “buh bye!”   you have no idea how proud and happy that small gesture makes me feel.  it brightens my whole day.

...thank you dearest sun for shining.

...thank you dearest mother-in-law for fixing up andrew’s old wooden highchair.  we can’t wait to see the finished product!

...thank you dearest patio for giving us a garden space and refreshing place to sit and chat after work.

...thank you dearest appliances for washing everything so sparkling clean so I don’t have to.

...thank you dearest pandora for creating thee best and most refreshing tunage assemblage possible.  ya done good with the gotye station.

...thank you dearest dad for helping me with blog problems.  you know html script like no other and pretty much you rock.

and...thank you dearest blog friends, your sweet messages have made me so happy this week!


  1. Oh my goodness. Those cupcakes look amazing!


  2. you had me at cupcakes! what grade do you teach? and i am also so so thankful for washing machines, dishwashers, and a husband that does dishes :)

    1. the cupcakes were divine :) i teach 8th grade english...and holy cow it's a whirlwind, as one could imagine i suppose. hope you are having a great week, mama!

      xo, amanda

  3. Such a cute post! love your blog..from your newest follower :) x