handmade // thumb print valentines

one of my favorite holidays is right around the corner! hurrah for valentine's day! i adore all things about this holiday of love, right down to those addicting little candy hearts. miss stella and i decided to get crafty and make some valentine finger print art.

by the way, i was so beyond excited for this diy project because it is her very first time making art!  check it out...

here is how you make these adorable little valentines...

first gather your materials:

1. get some card stock, envelopes, and a red stamp pad. we went to paper source and bought these white paper hearts and polka-dot envelopes
2. you'll need a black ink pen
3. oh, you need baby thumbs too :)

now you can get craftin'! basically, i stripped baby girl down to her tights and pressed her thumb print in the red ink. then together, we made little hearts by crossing her thumb prints on the white paper hearts. the more imperfect...the better! i put little quotes under her thumb print hearts that read, "thumb body loves you! oxox stella."  she grew impatient after the fifth heart, but thankfully this was a quick and easy first time project.  this project did require a damp cloth and dry towel nearby for obvious reasons. 

happy early love day, oxox andrew, amanda, stella & leon

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