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i was so excited once stella was able to eat solids.  this translated into mama getting to finally cook for our sweet stella...something i have been looking forward for quite some time.  we decide to hold off until she was 6 months old, and boy was she ready!  this girl loves to eat.  i guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree ;)  i decided to use a good ol' food processor instead of buying a baby bullet.  hey, i figure if it works well, why not use it???  for those of you who have and use the baby bullet, that's cool too.  i just didn't want to spend the extra money and keep my counter space as bare as possible.  it's all about saving money any way you can once you have a baby.  however, we did buy this...

...totally awesome book to guide stella's and and chef mama on her exciting new culinary adventure.  i just love the ease of the recipes, vivid photos, and wide range of delicious ingredients.  plus, i cannot even imagine how much we have saved making her food at home, this $20 book has saved us probably somewhere around $200 so far.  this is only one reason why we decided to take this route when feeding stella solids, versus buying our baby food processed and in jars.  the other important reason we decided to make her food has to do with the fact that she is oh so itty-bitty; therefore, we want every little bit of food that goes into her little body to be healthy, fresh, and packed full of nutrients
{sans fillers and water}.

right now miss stella is obsessed with:

* avocados
* bananas
* sweet potatoes
* butternut squash
* green peas
* pears

here are some photos from stella's culinary adventure!

happy cooking!

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  1. I got that book as a Christmas gift. Baby Jude is almost two months, but I am so excited for when he's old enough to eat regular food so I can try the recipes!