easter weekend as four

it was slow and simple easter weekend.  the usual shuffle of savory filled crockpots and pastel clad babies and plastic eggs filled with candies and coins were left to the four of us this year.  there was no traveling and no meal hopping.  dare i say it was a delight?  because gosh, was it ever.  sometimes is feels good to stay put.  to really soak up the day with loved ones without feeling pressure to go go go.

saturday started with blueberry corn meal muffins with a savory rosemary glaze.  we laid around and played with the babies until it dawned on us that it would probably be a good idea to shower.  warmth from outside filled our home and begged us to get out and enjoy it so we did.  after getting ready the four of us drove around with all the windows down looking at houses around brookside.  we looped up and down streets for a good hour and a half listening to the head and the heart.  we talked about our forever home and our hopes for big windows allowing for a flood of yellow sunshine and a gravel backyard with a big wooden table for gatherings under strung lights.  we dreamed as we drove.  there was mentioning of particular blocks we liked and porches we loved.  we really love ourselves a good porch.  we even got out of the car to marvel at some of brookside's magnolia trees.  they are stunning right now as petals are everywhere.

after an impromptu lunch at chipotle we headed home to sip gin and tonics (extra lime for me) on our current treehouse sun porch.  around three in the afternoon until sundown it is the most perfect place to be.  we've got a little garden growing out there and it has become our happy place.  andrew thought it would be a good idea to teach me how to play chess.  i happily obliged, so we sipped and bounced babes and talked chess board strategy.  one game turned into four and before we knew it the sun was sinking and we had skipped supper.  we love it when time plays tricks on us like that. 

sunday began with an egg hunt in our living and dining room.  after waking, stella found eggs in plants, under pillows, and on top of books.  they were tucked here and there and we still haven't found two.  hmmm.  our girl loved every second of it and had to open them right away to see what was inside.   after managing to eat almost all of her easter candy we got all dolled up for easter church.  it was packed on this particular sunday but was a beautiful service nonetheless.  going to church on sunday feeds our souls.  it has become our favorite family tradition and is very special to the four of us.

with grumbling tummies we made our way to one of our favorite corners in the city, the west side.  we dined at blue bird bistro on homemade chocolate croissants and meatloaf eggs benedict with an irresistible mushroom gravy.  i got a bloody mary because duh and we drank far too much coffee.  we talked of more house dreams and decided that we would like our home to reflect a parisian apartment.  is that even possible in kansas city?  probably not.  but that's why these talks are called 'house dreams' and we will continue to fill them up with things that make us happy.   

the rest of our day was spent at the park being silly doing family things.  a generous couple gave stella one of their kites they picked up from the dollar store and she flew it all by herself for an hour to two.  the string broke twice but andrew managed to fix it each time, securing a stick at the base so her little hands could hold on tight.  that little kite gave us quite a good time.  between giving theo neck kisses and cheek squeezes i'd look up and see her running around barefoot in the grass, twig in hand with her kite.  she'd glance over looking proud as i'd ever seen her.  after kite flying we made up songs as we poorly strummed the uke the easter bunny thrifted for the kids.  that easter bunny is nifty like that, i'll tell you what. it is wild to think that next year both our babies will be galavanting around the park together, laughing, playing, running wildly.


  1. This was a beautiful post Amanda. :) And your pictures are perfect!!

  2. This post has definitely inspired me to pick up my ukulele again! Looks like such a lovely eventxx

  3. Yes, yes, simple days. Our Easter was quite relaxed too - but that's just how I like my days! No need to hurry, no need to worry, just enjoying each other's company. You have a beautiful family :)

  4. Sounds like you and your family had a beautiful, relaxing day. I love it when families enjoy the outdoors and cherish a beautiful day like this. Lovely post Amanda!

    -Ashley Denae