our big news!

i have been wanting to write this post for a few months now, and no...we aren't adding to our family quite yet.  that seems to be the assumption anytime a "big news" posts pops up.  nevertheless, we three are VERY happy and bursting with giddiness because...

we bought our first home!!!  as in, no more renting!  ever.  we've had the inspection, no more negotiating, and now we are less than one month away from the big move.

upon setting one foot in the doorway of this little bungalow we immediately fell in love.  like head-over-heels, butterflies in our stomachs, crazy/stupid love for this space.  it just fits us so wonderfully, and it's just what we've always dreamt of.  

our new home is not really traditional by any means for a family of three wanting to expand and have more littles in the future.  it's not in a subdivision or even in the burbs.  nor is it large and spacious.  and forget about having a backyard...

but we are not traditional.  

to be frank, it is in fact quite small and lacking storage space.  but we've taken the glass-half-full approach and decided that this adventure will give us an opportunity to get creative as we will need to take advantage of all the gorgeous little nooks sprinkled throughout.  we deemed it silly to buy a big ol' house to merely fill it up with things.  so, for us, smaller is better and it's all about location.  

and given the fact that our new home will be a bit smaller than our apartment now, 'tis time to rid thyself of many, many belongings!  a huge portion of our stuff is going....going.....gone.  what a total breath of fresh air this is and quite liberating in every sense of the word.  

i have been taking loads of literature to 1/2 price books, donating to goodwill like a mad person, our pantry has been weeded out and our closets have been cut down in size, and no more random plastic bowls or anything for that matter that doesn't have a aesthetic/functional purpose.  whew.  it feels great.

so where are we moving?  after much debate, this little family has decided to remain city dwellers.  it's where our heart is and we want the option to walk to the library, restaurants, and to our favorite park {which will continue to be our backyard since it's now only one block away!}. 

this quaint little flat high up in the trees exudes LOADS of charm, and that my friends, it why we fell in love.  when we were there viewing it for the first time, it was as if we were transported back in time to europe, say, in the 1940's.  it felt like magic.  and like home.  that feeling is hard to come by and one that we were not going to give up.  our beautiful 100 year old brick building has delightfully creaky hard wood floors that cover every square inch, an enchanting pedestal bathroom sink, intricate white crown molding, open shelving in the kitchen, and a corner for LAUNDRY!  how ever did we get so spoiled?  

the next few weeks will be dedicated to packing, cleaning, picking out paint colors, and drooling over what will be our new home.  it's all moving along so fast, and it's wonderful. 


  1. Congrats Andrew and Amanda!!! If you need any help packing, moving or just watching Stella, please let me know:)

  2. Congrats!! Sounds like you found the perfect fit for your family!

    My husband and I lived urban for almost 5 years and oftentimes talk about how much we miss it. The burbs has it's advantages with kids, but there's something about walking out your front door and having the world at your fingertips. Maybe one day we'll move back....

  3. Congratulations! That is so exciting! I am excited to photos of your new home. wooohooo


  4. so happy for you!!!


  5. congrats! i cant wait to see pictures! i completely understand about the small living quarters - our apartment is uber tiny - but it's kind of nice being cozy! And cutting down on clutter/getting organized is such a great feeling! I love having what we need and getting rid of what we don't use - kind of like nesting! :) Can't wait to hear more about your place and read all about this new adventure! xo.

  6. Congratulations!! I will have to find you and ask all about it! I'm hoping we meet in vertical teams tomorrow so I can see you!

  7. Congratulations! As a housewife there's nothing more than fulfilling to put a decor in your own home, construct a portion according to your own lifestyle and to your own taste! This is such a great news and I'm happy for you and your family!

    Can't wait to see how you put your personal touch to it and see the sneak of your new home!:)

    I emailed you a couple of days ago, I know you're busy now but hoping for your response. Thanks!


  8. Congrats on your big purchase!

    Your new reader,

  9. congrats to you and your family! that is awesome, happy news :) i'm sure you will make it feel just like home :) good luck with the move!!