my truth moment // less is more

isn't funny how life works?  it usually takes a full-blown meltdown and some tears {and lots of time} to come to a *truth moment* as i like to call it.  it takes a rain storm to see that rainbow, folks.  but that's part of the beauty of life's lessons, because through suffering and hurt, you become stronger, wiser, and a better version of yourself.  sure, it takes a stroll down the harder road less traveled to come to these insightful realizations, but that's the name of the game.  call it tough cookies if you want, but at the end of the day, these transformations are precious and are always significant. 

nothing fantastically horrible happened over here, but i did have a truth moment.  and it was the day our camera died.  

...but up until a few days ago, it was more of an *oh shite moment*.  sitting in a pool of warm spilt milk at the bottom of our stroller compartment sat the absolute worst nightmare imaginable for a mama/blogger/photographer wannabe.  it was horrible you guys.  it was our camera and it was dead.  it wasn't fancy shmancy or anything, but was responsible for capturing our life's beautiful moments and supported my hobby along with this silly blog.  we did the whole soak it in rice thing and that was bologna.  it really was a goner.    

so there i sat at the computer after the funeral pricing out new camera.  of course, if we were going to get a new one, it we might as well get good one, right?  and by good, we all know that means dollar signs.  so i immediately started coming up with possible excuses i could make to my husband promoting the purchase of my new camera friend.  when talking about said camera with andrew, we both decided we could swing it later on this summer, as in not the next day as my wild fantasies has hoped.  since when did i become so greedy?  i was initially disappointed, but sure enough, a truth moment started to take form and a big change in my perspective crept in right under my nose...

two weeks have passed and the only thing i have had to visually document our lives has been my iPhone thanks to the lovely app instagram.  let me tell you, it has been a breath of fresh air.  i have not felt the tug and pull to take photographs of everything.  before this whole incident, it seemed i always had that thing in my hands, never wanting to not capture a moment.  and if i did, you know silent swearing was involved.  

don't get me wrong, i love taking pictures, and that will never change.  however, i have enjoyed this little vacation sans camera because it has given me the opportunity to be more in the moment and enjoy time spent with my family without looking at them through a lens.  

i think i was spending too much time fiddling with my camera in the first place.  also, too much time on pinterest, twitter, facebook, etsy, and other blogs.  it is crazy how much time this virtual world of ours can consume us.  i love connecting with other mamas out there and do my best to keep up with it all, but i think this time spent away from my camera has allowed me to see things a little differently.  not everything is meant to be captured.  sometimes, the best moments are had when there is nothing digital in sight.

i remember when andrew and i took a camping trip with our family to the red woods a few years back.  we spent our days gazing at the those magnificent trees, laughing around our camp fire, and soaking our toes in the cool pristine water nearby.  no camera.  no phone.  no distractions.  it was one of our favorite memories and one we talk about all the time.  i want more of those.  my soul needs that kind of nourishment.   

if you have nothing there to document a moment, it forces your memory to work harder, more efficient, and therefore, become better.  it in those moments that life is really made and through which stories are passed down.  i love looking back at our family's adventures on this blog, but i also enjoy recalling special moments with my loves when we have nothing but our memories to rely on.  both are important and i am working on finding that balance.  

so i suppose my truth moment is that less really is more.  of course, we will be getting a new camera sometime in the future, but i think i am going to start spending more time enjoying life and less time filling it up with technology.  this blog, after all, is a place to store some of our memories and not all of them.  i think it is important to never lose sight of that sentiment and to cherish the here and now.  

life is just too damn short.  

and in that picture you can find me spending the day in my jammies chipped nail polish and all having another truth moment: never forget where baby girl was playing with her wooden blocks when walking around barefoot.  ;)  


  1. SUCH an awesome post, and I agree with every word. Sometimes I feel OBLIGATED to take a million pictures and document every moment. I'm starting to see that the obligation is taking me out of the moment... and balance is key. So glad you put all of this into words... I'm 100% with you! There are definitely days at a time now where I don't pick up my camera!

  2. I couldnt agree more! I have been pushing myself more to leave my camera home on some of our little trips to the park and such, in hopes that I live more "in the moment" it's hard when we are surrounded by so many things, but I see my little girls faces and that's what really counts.

  3. I agree so much with this post!I love it!I've been feeling this way for the past few weeks myself.We have a camera (may not be the fanciest of fancies) and I've always been the one on my family to have my camera on hand and to capture every moment.But I completely agree,being in the moment is waaay more important than being behind the lense.It's hard to find a balance but I know it can be done!

  4. LOVE this post---and not so love about your camera:) Totally know what you mean, but it's so hard to pull back but this post was GREAT.


  5. TRUTH! This one blog I follow - the person seems like she's always staging everything for the camera. I just want to tell her, "Live life and enjoy your baby a little more instead of taking pictures of him all the time!" I just hate how everything always seems like she planned it out for the purpose of a blog post instead of just a post on a happy moment. I have to remind myself of these things as I continue to blog for fun.

  6. We are on the same wavelength! I was driving home from the lake tonight, thinking about what a fantastic, wonderful day that had just passed, and not one photo had been taken. Like you, mine is broken. Like you, I was thinking how I don't NEED to have a picture to capture a moment. I will never forget the magical feeling that comes from wading in the waves in the hot, hot sun. A picture would have never summed it up properly, anyways!

  7. Love this! You are wise beyond your twenty something years! A "win-win" aha moment for you :)

  8. I completely Understand this 100%!! I often leave my camera at home because I want to capture EVERYTHING. That is what you have to remember it by when the moment is gone....but it is nice to enjoy life w/o the constant, "Snap snap, snap" lol. There is a happy middle for not taking too many or not taking enough....once I found that, it's not as daunting a task, but more enjoyable.

  9. What a fantastic post! One of the things I have learned is that not everything happens for me to blog, tweet, etc. about. Some things are private memories just for our family. They are ours and ours alone.

  10. Hi, coming over from the jellibean journals! You're right, life is too short to spend snapping away at photos!! lol to your last line!!

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