cheers to good ol' kc

hi friends! sorry i have been mia as of late. the last four days have been nonstop. this is the first time i have been on my computer in four days. i was starting to twitch from this absence. ok, not really, but here i am, right after getting home from work, to write and organize my thoughts. andrew, stella and i had one of those always-on-the-go weekends i mentioned in this post. even though i could hardly keep my eyes open to teach today, we had an absolutely wonderful time with our dearest family {andrew's parents} and friends who were in town from good ol' iowa. hurray for visitors!  stella loved seeing her nana and papa.  especially those horsey rides and funny faces papa makes. 

i love when we have people visit because we get to experience the best of kansas city all over again, as we show off our neat little town to our guests. for those of you who have never been to kc, you need to understand that we take two things pretty seriously around here, and by sheer coincidence, they both start with the letter "b." let's here it for bbq and beer! one could say barbecue is a religion in kansas city. and beer, well it's beer. enough said. over the past few days, we indulged in some of the city of fountain's finest bbq at oklahoma joe's {yes, it's in a gas station} and toured the always wonderful boulevard brewery, making for one eventful weekend indeed.

stella enjoyed every second with her bestie, mira. and to prove it, this little nugget went to bed at 5 pm last night. "play hard, nap hard" tis' her motto. 

here are some more photos of our weekend...

didn't your mama teach you to never judge a book by it's cover? the food as this gas station is out of this world.  be prepared to stand in line, it's worth it. 

i recommend the pulled pork with spicy slaw and baked beans.   ohmygod it's good. 

daddy getting in a snuggle. 

whiskey barrels...for beer!

the ergo was a comfy way to go for miss stella and for her mama. 

the men back for more...diaper bags and all.

and this floor! 

2 am = one tired bebe.  i just love her little hand :)

stella is still pretty tucked out.
this is about how i am feeling right about now too.  
so off to bath time and bed time we go.

we hope you had a fun weekend, too!

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