reciple // potato cheddar ale soup,

for those of you out there who have no idea what pinterest is...let me start by saying that it is a visual thinkers dream. i discovered this addicting phenomenon by way of my mom, who correctly told me that i would just love it. and love it i do! this virtual bulletinboard has changed my life by allowing me to rediscover things i already love but forgot about, while also creating new interests by way of virtual exploration. did i mention there is NO drama or annoying status updates (sorry facebook).

i have used pinterest to spice up my recipe repertoire, design stella's ongoing project-nursery, create a wish list of goodies, and to find inspiring words to live by, just to name a few. check it out:

from a few different photos on my bon appetit pinterest page, i concocted this delight. potato cheddar ale soup in my le creuset dutch oven, let me say, is thee best soup i have ever made.

my recipe:

- start by carmelizing onions, carrots and celery seed with butter until soft
- toss in a whole bunch of peeled and chopped potatoes to the mix and brown for a few minutes
- add 4ish cups of homemade turkey or chicken stock and let cook for 30 minutes
- pour in a generous splash of your favorite ale (drink the rest)and cook for 10 minutes
- add a few good swirls of heavy cream of 1/2 & 1/2 depending on how creamy you like your soup
- finish your soup by adding 3ish cups of *freshly grated sharp cheddar cheese and stir until melted
- garnish with a liberal sprinkling of chives

note: * means do not skimp and please know that all of my recipes allow room for bending the rules to suit your pallet.

this is my coveted watercolor calendar from my pinterest wish list. thank you anthropologie for this christmas gift to myself!

vintage blocks from the land of nod discovered on a follower's nursery pinterest page soon became one of stella's favorite toys from nana and papa.

pinterest lead me to paper source. a few weeks back i got this addition to spruce up our bare kitchen wall. i saw this removable chalkboard idea on a DIY (do it yourself) pinterest page, and now we use it as a source of inspiration by writing neat quotes or simply as a we are all out of shopping list.

i am also an instagram addict. my stella vivienne page on pinterest is all things dedicated to my little lady. i found this vintage wire picture frame via pinterest from pier one of all places and added my own mini prinstagram prints to give it a modern yet retro vibe for stella's changing area. my sleeping zebra likes it too!

here are some views of stella's nursery. her room is a montage of neat images and ideas from pinterest compiled together to create a one of a kind dwelling space! i found some neat craft paper from paper source and made unique wall art for the reading nook in the corner of her room. to continue on with my vintage meets modern motif, this summer i redid my grandmother's old mirror by painting it carnival orange to add a playful pop to her nursery, accented by an ikea lamp and vintage toys.


  1. Hmm, I've been keeping away from pinterest even though so many people love it. Maybe I'll get out and try it some time. Sorry about my annoying status updates on Facebook! That soup sounds yummy! I'll have to try it some time. Maybe you should bring it in if we have our Souper Bowl food day at school this year. :-)

  2. you would love it lisa....but watch out, it is addicting! and yes, totally bring to school!