date night{s}

it feels like it has been forever since andrew and i have gotten the chance to go out for dinner. i'm talking just the two of us...having a conversation...with eye contact...while enjoying our meal in a single sitting...food hot and all. our usual routine during the week usually involves me eating over a two hour spread, shoveling in a bite here and there in between bath time and changing yet another poopie diaper. andrew's meal frequently involves some sort of re-heating method. it's not ideal.

but this weekend, finally, we had date night...twice! on friday night our date night included miss stella, but she slept most of the time so it seemed like it was just the two of us, back in the day. we went to our favorite thai restaurant in kansas city, lulu's, and split some small plates and two types of curry. one thing that has drastically changed since the addition of little miss to our family is that we need to be very strategic when dining out. hence, we ate at 4:30 pm and not at 8 pm {our preferred dining hour}. we have made this work for us two-fold. we get to enjoy the cheap happy hour prices and beat the pretentious diners that scoff at any form of family dining after 7 pm. {by the way, we made this mistake once at our favorite french restaurant in kansas city, le fou frog, when stella was 7 weeks old and we had to strip her down to her diaper because it was so hot on their patio. we haven't been back with the baby since.} so we ate, we conversed, and were home by 6 in our jammies ready to watch a movie. this is my definition of a perfect friday evening.

on saturday night, date night #2, andrew and i went to a recognition dinner rewarding his efforts for awesomeness for this past year as a financial planner. this time we had a babysitter because nana & papa were in town! we got to get all fancied up; he adorned the ultra-skinny tie and i my new fuchsia pumps. we went to la bodega for some cocktails and then then had a supper yummy meal with his co-workers. the dessert was insane. it felt really good to sit and relax with my husband and other grown-ups with grown-up conversation. don't get me wrong, i truly love talking about what knock-off brand of diapers work best and how neat ikea's wooden baby toys are...to an extent. andrew and i both firmly believe that "us" time is essential and there is no shame in taking a few hours out of your week to spend with your spouse, sans kiddos!

then when andrew and i got home...we got to experience thee best moment. we quietly snuck into stella's room, picked up and cuddled our baby girl, whispered a lullaby or two in her ear, and thought to ourselves how perfect our little family is. we do enjoy time when it's just us two out on the town...but we absolutely cherish and adore times when it's us four snuggled on the couch watching an episode of "how i met your mother."


  1. Amanda-

    I love your blog! Its so reassuring to know that there is still life after kids (we dont have any yet but we are headed in that direction)and that you and andrew make it work with stella. Your writing is fantastic. It makes me want to visit kc to check out all these awesome places

  2. Thank you Tiffany :) One thing Andrew and I made sure of when we had Stella is that we will always have time for our relationship...and all the other times we will take her with us! I know some parents that never venture out with their kids, but we have made sure since day one that we will enjoy the things we use to...just modify. We would love a visit to KC, it really is a neat city with a lot to offer. Thanks for your comment girl, I hope all is well with you and your hubby!

  3. hello from istanbul! it is relaly fun to read your words.
    By the way you have still no nanny right? it is oogd job, 3 kids and a momma during the day. i really appreciate. have a nice sunday.